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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Burned Out Restaurant On The Waterfront

This is the last building an the Waterfront, this restaurant caught fire and was burned out many years ago, I've tried to find out exactly how long, but friends are unsure, we all agree its a long time though. All entrances have now been bricked up. The first three pictures are from the front, the rest are of the back of the building. The one with the blue skip is looking down an alleyway that has a wire mesh fence to stop access. This is the only building on the waterfront that hasn't been developed, although I understand it has been purchased to convert into (or demolish and build new) luxury flats. Developing this eyesore will certainly finish the Waterfront off. Photographs taken morning of 30th January 2006.

This certainly doesnt show the attractive side of Lincoln, but this is part of the idea of this Blog, to show the changing face of Lincoln, before and after. Places like this are few and far between! If anyone knows of any more buildings like this, please let me know, they need covering before they are redeveloped!


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