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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lincs FM Log Cabin Christmas 2005

This was the ticket booth (referred to as the Log Cabin) for the Lincs FM (Our local radio station) ice rink in the city square (outside Wilko's), the pictures where taken December 2005 (the cabin was there for about 6 weeks). These pictures where taken because we where thinking of building a shed using this design and I wanted pictures of the joints etc, that is why the pictures are not framed as well as you might expect. The pictures are still of interest though.

A friend looked at this site then pointed out to me that everyone photographs the Cathedral and Castle, but so many streets and buildings are forgotten about. Lets hope this site begins to rectify this. After all you must have looked at pictures of your hometown from when you was a child and noted how shops have changed etc.


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