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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Angels Statue Over The Canal

For Valentines day, here's something I DON'T love - modern art in a historical city. This was Lincoln's misguided Millennium project, one day someone will write a book about all the poor, foolish and downright stupid ideas people put into action in the name of the Millennium, they'll start with the Dome and end with this! It would probably be OK in a modern town like Milton Keynes (sorry Milton Keynes), but in historical Lincoln - I don't think so! You can also see the Waterside shopping centre in the background, which is a modern building, but made to look like it belongs! (designers of the Debenhams store please take note how to do it!). Photographs taken on a cloudy (with a little sun) 12th of February 2006.

Another of Lincolns eyesores.

Yeah, I've ranted a bit in today's post, but isn't that what blogs are for? Less ranting next time, I promise :)


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