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Friday, February 17, 2006

Enigma Zone On Free School Lane

On Free School Lane is the closed down Enigma Zone (it was a Laser Tag game), its been closed for years, maybe a decade. The building really reminds me of the old style Post Office, the kind that had a telephone exchange upstairs. Im surprised its never been redeveloped as a Witherspoons style pub, but maybe its too big! Next door is a white building that looks very old, its now the Nomad Trust. Unfortunately I cant find anything about the history of either building. Photographs taken 13th February 2006.

The Nomad Trust


  • churchmouse left me the following in eMail;

    The Enigma zone building used to be a co-op shop at one time. At the back and above it there is a dance hall which used to have a beautiful ballroom floor 40 years ago. Live music to dance to! The stone building is St Swithins church hall built in Victorian Times at the same time as the church opposite. In that church is a Roman altar found when the foundations were being dug about 16 feet down.

    Thanx to Churchmouse!

    By Blogger Lancelot Lincoln, at 7:21 pm  

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