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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where Are All The Local Photographer Blogs / Sites?

Today I decided to add links to other local photographer blogs, who do like I do, just photograph their chosen town. But I've hit a bit of a dead-end, apart from the Newcastle site that is already linked in the sidebar (which inspired me to do this blog!) I can't find any, there are loads that may also include the occasional picture of their hometown, but none that are exclusively their chosen town. So are you are running one? Of so please email me and ill happily link you, or if you need a subject for a photo-blog, here it is! I do have to admit with Lincoln, I've an easy job, so much to photograph, so much constantly changing, so photogenic, but as I've found, the more I look into things, the more there is!

Here are three pictures I've taken of other towns to inspire you, or maybe make you say that you can do better :)

Bridlington promenade in stormy weather, summer 2005, we didn't get any real rain that day, but it was very dramatic, there is a kinda rainbow in the sky in the middle of the picture. This picture is as it came out, not photoshopped.

Skegness Stadium, dusk 2004, the stock-car racing was great. I didn't expect to get much of a result with a digital camera at that time of day, but the floodlights where enough. Again not photoshopped.

Skegness, Fantasy Island, 1998 or 1999 (I think), they where in the middle of building the giant roller-coaster, as you can see not all the rails are assembled yet. I bet no-one has a set of pictures of all this under construction and I never thought to take lots of pictures at the time. Something that is probably lost forever.


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